I just purchased copy of my website and received a zip file. How do I open this file?

Updated 2 years ago by Jeroma Molde

  1. Go to Control Panel. You may need to click on Dashboard or simply go to http://www.nearlyweds.com/controlpanel/edit .
  2. Go to Download Your Wed-site section and click on the Your site download from <date> is ready. In case the updated version of your download site is available, you can click on the Click here! link.
  3. If you click on  Click here! , you'll be prompted with this message "Your updated site download will be available shortly, typically within 20 minutes.  "
  4. Your download will be available in .zip file with file name "<your site name>.zip".
  5. Unzip the file to whichever location you'd like it to be extracted.
  6. Open the folder. You'll find three items -  folder with your site name as the file name, an HTML file named index, and an autorun .inf file.
  7. Open the index.HTML to run the offline version of your site.
  8. Done!

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