How do I add a page?

Updated 2 years ago by Jeroma Molde

Adding a page on your Nearlyweds website is very easy.

  1. Log in to your Nearlyweds account at .
  2. Go to the page where you edit your Wedsite.
  3. Just above the navigation menu, look for a box that contains Add a page and Reorder Pages. Click Add a page.
  4. A window will appear. Choose the page type that you will be creating - landing page, tiled content page, map page or photo album.
  5. Another window will pop up where you can create the title of the page and anything that you want to say about it. If you are uploading a photo for the page, just press Choose File and upload the image from your computer.

    Before which page lets you choose where to position the page that you are creating.
  6. Finally, hit Submit and the new page should be saved.

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