How to change the background image of your website to a picture.

Updated 2 years ago by Jeroma Molde

Changing the image of your background to one of your pictures, for the moment, can only be achieved using custom CSS. If you know how to create codes for the CSS, kindly follow the instructions below:

  1. Upload the picture to your wedding website's album.
  2. Open your browser's developer tool or F12 on your keyboard, and select the element for the picture that you uploaded to get and copy the URL.
  3. Use the tag #container and use the code background-image:url(URLOF PIC)!important , or you can simply copy the code below and paste it to the Custom CSS box on your wedding website.

    background-image:url(URL OF PIC)!important;

  4. Feel free to customize the css if you want to add anything.

    But if you're not a techie type of person and doesn't know CSS, don't worry as we are more than happy to assist you. Just make sure to upload the picture to your album and send us a message via the LiveChat icon found at the bottom right of the website, and indicate the picture you want as a background. Our support will then provide you the code you can enter to your custom CSS field.

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